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Secure Eye Team


Security has always been the prime concern of all segments of society. Its importance and protective
measures to ensure solid arrangements cannot be ruled out.
Incidents like 9/11, 24/7, general conflicts, mob processions, protests and street riots have increased
security requirements in many folds.
Keeping above in view and my 20 years’ service as a military veteran in Pakistan Army forced me to
come forward in security industry to transfer my knowledge, experience and practical handling to
private and cooperate sectors against eventualities of security situations.
In 2014 I founded SECURE EYE LIMITED which is ever since serving the security industry successfully
with professional hard work and dedication.

Lt. Colonel (R) Khalid Saeed Sheikh

Head of Operations
Served in Pakistan Army for 21 years and has vast experience in dealing:

  1. Intelligence and Security.
  2. Counter Terrorism Warfare.
  3. Intelligence Based Operations (IBOs).
  4. Interrogation and Investigations.
  5. Team Management, Educational Training and Personal Development of Troops.
  6. Liaison officer to United Nations Military Observer (UNMO) Delegations.


 Qualified in professional intelligence courses
1. Officer Basic Intelligence Course. – School Of Military Intelligence
2. Nuclear and Biological Warfare Course. – School of Infantry and Tactics
3. Intelligence Staff Course – School of Military Intelligence
4. International Terrorism Course/ Training Seminars – Washington DC USA

Major (R) Sohail Nawaz

Director and Head of UAV Operations of Secure Eye Limited

 Served in Pakistan Army for 18 years and has vast experience in dealing:

  1. Intelligence & Security.
  2. Counter Terrorism Warfare.
  3. Intelligence-Based Operations (IBOs).
  4. Anti-Smuggling/ Anti Narcotic Operations
  5. Internal Security Duties.
  6. Team Management, Educational Training & Personal Development of Troops.


The officer has experience of Commanding a Battery strength of Army Air Defence Unit. He also commanded the Khyber Rifle Wing of Frontier Constabulary in FATA Areas of Pakistan.  (Part of War on Terror).

   The officer has carried out many Professional courses like: –

  1. OMslC (Officer Missile Course). School of Army Air Defence
  2. PUCC (Professional Unarmed Combat Course). Special Services Group
  3. Officers Drone Course. School of Army Air Defence
  4. SOCC (sector operating centre Course). Pakistan Air Force
  5. High Altitude Warfare Course. High Altitude Warfare School
  6. Close Protection Operator. United Kingdom.
  7. General VLOS Certificate (GVC) Civil Aviation Authority UK